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Athleta Athletic Wear For Women

At Athleta, their goal is inspiring women to become and to stay active at any age. They want girls and women to feel confident and to reach their goals. Athleta aims to empower women who wear their apparel and the women who make their brand of clothing too.

From the Starting Block – Athleta Coupon Codes

Female athletes started this company, women who know that men’s needs and women’s needs are not the same. They face different challenges and are drawn to different sorts of athletic activities. Athleta was formed for the sake of both serious and amateur athletes; weekend participants and daily enthusiasts who love hiking, running, and yoga.  When the enterprise was started, Athleta’s founders believed there was too little choice for women and that what was out there didn’t fit a real woman’s body properly. They were determined to change that scenario and believe they have succeeded with their innovative clothing that feels good, works perfectly, and looks stylish.

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Environmental Promise

The makers of this clothing believe the earth is “our playground” as they put it. They promise to do what they can to protect it by choosing environmentally sustainable fabrics and technologies. Athleta utilizes fabrics which are both recycled and sustainable. Resources are not endless on this planet, and they know that. The clothing industry puts a lot of pressure on the environment. In order to reduce their impact, this Californian company chooses to limit their carbon footprint and keep materials out of landfills while also using less water.


A favorite of theirs is recycled polyester. When it is first made, polyester uses a lot of energy, but not the second time around. This material is made from fossil fuels, but Athleta does not need anyone to do more mining for their sakes. There is plenty of polyester out there waiting to be re-used.  Athleta coupons are known as some of the best on the market.

When the company chooses an organic material, they mean more than merely “not synthetic”: Athleta is referring to organically grown cotton from sustainable farms. These farms do not pollute the earth with pesticides. Moreover, Athleta uses Fair Trade cotton from farms which employ mostly females (not children) working in good conditions, treating employees fairly. Every time you buy a Fair Trade-certified item, Athleta pays a little bit extra to the makers of that garment.

How Fair Trade Works

Employees are joint holders of a bank account. They decide together, democratically, how to use the funds such as running better healthcare or childcare services. These are ordinary people, garment workers, not CEOs or company presidents, yet they run businesses effectively with one another’s best interests in mind. It is a model few could live up to; one that reaches beyond a person’s rights or net earnings to a higher ideal. Just make sure the promo codes for Athleta are used before you checkout.


The Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement program, or P.A.C.E., is a program run by Gap in which Athleta takes part. This program is used to educate their garment workers about basic life skills and how to become leaders in their communities. P.A.C.E. fits well with the theme of unity. At Athleta, they believe that women can be strong alone, but women are capable of much more together. They are able to uplift one another within the company and neighborhoods where they work and play, causing a snowball effect of positivity. Fitness is a part of that too; setting standards, inspiring activity, and becoming role models for females seeking inspiration.

Fitness enriches lives. Where better to take part in fitness activities than beautiful Sonoma County, CA? The women here started small but now own and operate more than 100 stores around the country, catering to all body types and sizes with four brands: Athleta, Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. Athleta is also available online.

More about Recycled Polyester

Featherweight Stretch features useful technology women want when they are exposed to the sun or become hot and potentially uncomfortable during a workout, a danger in California. Recycled polyester features a UPF rating of 50+ for defense against sun exposure, feels light and soft, and stretches beautifully. It’s ideal for yoga in the sunshine. This fabric, though synthetic, breathes too.

Organic Cotton

A classic material, favored by all bodies, breathes, is light, soft, and there is little chafing with seamless products. DryDye technology adds color without water, saving gallons of water with every dye job. All of these are available with a discount.

Stretch with Sculptek X

When you exercise, clothes should not restrict you, but they should offer compression in the right places, wicking, and breathability. That’s what Sculptek X provides active women with their mixture of Spandex and either Nylon or Polyester.

More Technology

This line was made especially for women who love to do yoga. The material has been brushed twice, so it is softer than any yoga clothing you have worn before. Compression is exactly right for support, and the close fit is comforting. LYCRA Xtra-Life lasts five times longer than other swimwear, thanks to the special durable fiber which doesn’t succumb to UV rays, sunscreen, or chemicals in a public pool. It stretches but endures where Spandex alone loses its shape and comfortable texture. Athleta has also introduced clothing which won’t become smelly even when you sweat.

How to Shop for Athleta Clothing With Coupons

Find a store near you or log onto the internet and look at their wide range of sporting apparel from the comfort of your home between workouts. You can also save money by finding coupons as well. The internet is your most convenient location to shop from. Explore categories such as “dresses,” “swim,” “tops,” “bras” and clothing for girls. Shop according to the activity you are taking part in such as yoga, running, indoor training, cold weather training, or water sports. Browse clothing for travel; the stuff that will feel good whether you have to sit on a plane for hours or plan to walk through town feeling stylish and comfortable at the same time. Of course the coupon codes for Athleta will save a bunch of money for you.

Peruse clothes for cycling, tennis, and hiking. Play golf or take a spin class. Consumers can also save money by shopping from the “sale” section or using special promotional codes and offers to cut the price of your shopping cart. Shipping is free if you spend $50 or more, so plan your purchase to include items for birthdays to come or for Mothers’ Day.