Outback Steackhouse

Quality Always On The Menu At Outback Steakhouse With Coupons

Founded in Tampa, Florida, in the late 1980s, and now with branches throughout the US, Outback Steakhouse takes its inspiration from Australian food, especially their appreciation of great steaks and ample portions. Australia is also noted for its seafood, and Outback Steakhouse, despite the name, has a great selection of fresh fish dishes, as well as chicken and pasta.

With an emphasis on making the customer feel at home, the casual atmosphere in Outback Steakhouse restaurants will help you relax, no matter the occasion. Big portions may be the order of the day at the Outback Steakhouse, but prices are still affordable and reasonable, there are even coupon codes available. The restaurant sources top quality ingredients to ensure that customers are getting a great dining experience and value for money. Especially when you use Outback Steakhouse coupon codes before your bill comes.

The first Outback Steakhouse was opened in 1988 by four friends who had worked for years in the hospitality industry, Chris Sullivan, Robert Basham, Tim Gannon, and Trudy Cooper. Their dream was to create a relaxed restaurant, serving top quality food without any pretensions and at reasonable prices; and that is how Outback Steakhouse was born.

Even though the business has now spread throughout the country, each restaurant still abides by those same principles that were established when the first restaurant opened its doors in Tampa in 1988. The Australian theme was designed to stand out from the crowd, but all Outback Steakhouses now embrace the Australian way of doing things. In fact, most Australians would no doubt approve of the motto the four creators came up with when they launched the first restaurant: “No rules, just right.”

As you would expect from a restaurant named Outback Steakhouse, they take the quality of their steaks seriously. There are seven different cuts of meat on the menu, and each steak has been USDA-inspected for quality. The cattle are all grain-fed, while the meat is hand-trimmed to ensure all the steaks served at Outback are top quality.  And the Outback Steakhouse coupons are just fantastic.

Each cut is also aged until it is just right for serving to customers. This process ensures the meat is as tender, juicy and tasty as it can possibly be. All seven cuts are aged to perfection; sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, bone-in natural cut ribeye, Victoria’s fillet mignon, Porterhouse and slow-roasted prime rib. Steaks are cooked to each customer’s preference, whether rare or well-done, and are cooked in one of two ways — seasoned and seared, or on the wood fire grill.

If you choose to have your steak seasoned and seared, it will first be coated in Outback Steakhouse’s own special blend of spices and seasoning before being cooked to order for each customer by searing on the grill. The oak-filled wood fire grill helps to give the steak additional flavor — the option for those who prefer their meat as it comes.

Steaks can be served with sauces, if you want something that will enhance the natural flavor of the meat; options include standards such as garlic butter or a smoky Bourbon glaze or you could go for more unusual options like adding Outback Steakhouse’s signature dish, Bloomin’ Onion, to your choice of steak. Bloomin’ Onion is usually served as a starter; a whole onion is specially carved to look like a flower, coated in batter and coked before being served with a special sauce. However, onion petals can be added to your steak if you want to sample the house specialty.

You can also add seafood options to your choice of steak for a little “Surf n Turf.” Choose from lobster, grilled or coconut shrimp or crab cake to sample the best the sea and land has to offer at Outback Steakhouse. All these options are also available as main dishes in their own right, and there are other options for those who fancy something different. The coupon codes will work for all of these options.

A range of beef or chicken burgers come with a variety of toppings, while the restaurant also serves its own take on a classic with the Steakhouse Philly sandwich. For those who prefer seafood, there are the options included in the “Surf n Turf” menu, but also salmon, either grilled or coated in a Bourbon glaze and served with bacon bit. Tilapia is also on the menu, a healthier option which is low in fat and high in protein, and which is a common sight on menus in Australia. Outback Steakhouse also serves a range of chicken dishes, ribs, a pork Porterhouse and a cheesy Parmesan pasta. You can use the Outback Steakhouse promo codes for all of these as well.

When it comes to sides to compliment your main course, you are spoiled for choice at Outback Steakhouse. Everything from classics like fries, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes are available, along with more unusual choices such as mushrooms sautéed with onions and Burgundy wine or baked potato soup, topped with vegetables and cheese. For a special occasion, go for one of the premium sides, which include blue cheese salad or the Steakhouse mac and cheese.

Before you decide on your main meal, you have to decide on your starter. The Bloomin’ Onion is a particular favorite at the Outback Steakhouse and something that should be sampled while you have the chance. There are plenty of alternatives, if that doesn’t tickle your taste buds; crab cakes, chicken wings, mac, and cheese or seared ahi fillet, for example. If you can’t decide what to choose, you can always go for the Aussie Signature Sampler which includes Bloomin’ Onion, man and cheese bites and a portion of Aussie cheese fries. Ideal to share with friends or for the indecisive diner with a big appetite!

If you still have room in your tummy after all that, the Outback Steakhouse dessert menu will give you plenty of choices. Cheesecake comes in two varieties; classic New York style or topped with salted caramel. Chocoholics will find it hard to avoid the chocolate brownie, served with warm chocolate sauce and cream. There are even mini dessert parfaits for those who think they are feeling to full for dessert.

Children are catered for at the Outback Steakhouse with the Joey Menu, featuring smaller portions of adult items like grilled chicken or ribs, or alternatives such as grilled cheese sandwich and chicken fingers. Meals come with a choice of drink, fruit juice, 2% milk or soft drink, and a side. Kids even have their own dessert menu, where they can choose from ice cream or the Spotted Dog Sundae, served with Oreo crumbs. Just make sure to save money with the Outback Steakhouse coupons that we have listed!